General PGPS Questions

How do the various functionalities interconnect!

Some do with a shared wallet (ASK/LIBRARY/MARKET/COURSES). Your user account stays the same. However each of these function highly independently. They all can be little sub sites in their own right. So go about it with that understanding!

Since when has The Poor Grad Poor Student Network been in existence?

Although we commenced online operations toward the mid of 2009, back then we were on WEEBLY! LOL – I gradually learned web design, and we had a shell of a website on WordPress by early 2010. I have been individually tutoring students in the Philadelphia area since much before that!

Why are there so many offerings?

We want to make sure that we are able to touch every spectrum of student thought, allowing everyone to partake within the network. There are some of you, who are rather independent, and like to conduct open ended research, and so for them we have an essays library, where they can contribute a few of their essays and gain access to thousands more. At the same time, there are many of you who would like to sell your homework files, and so there is a place for that. Then there are a few of you who would like to sit down for a one-on-one session with somebody alive, so that you can go over exactly what has been bugging you, within the comfort of your own bedroom, a library, a coffee shop, wherever you like, wearing whatever – at a time of your choosing. So there is a place for that on the network as well. We are also highly sensitive to our cost sensitive demographic – in fact most of you may display cost sensitivity off and on as students. And so we have a freelancer bidding place, where you can have experts line up and bid up on your project, allowing you to go with the least expensive and the most effective expert of your choice. What is even better is that we let everyone come on over and bid on your projects simply by signing up as a freelancer. Our fantastic escrow system ensures that the work would be done to a promised standard against the payment that you make.

Who Wants to Hear about The Poor Grad, and Who Is Their Poor Student?

Ha! Got you with that question… We so wanted to tell you that The Poor Grad Poor Student Network has been around for the past 10 years nearly, and has existed for one sole reason, particularly so in its newest avatar – TO EMPOWER YOU AS A STUDENT! YOU GET TO TALK TO YOUR PEERS, OTHER STUDENTS, TEACHERS… AND THIS ECOSYSTEM FUCNTIONS AS A COMMUNITY – and this continues through the course of your academic preparation.


We WILL NOT LET HUNDREDS OF YOUR FILES THAT YOU CRAFT IN HOURS AND HOURS OF AGONY simply be traded in for other people’s files, with no real, actual return on equity over hard labor, as every single of our competitors are doing – you know who they are. Therefore, only The Poor Grad Poor Student Network allows you to actually sell your homework. It allows you to message any of the other people who may be in the same academic situation as you are! Or even otherwise!!

Future plans for the network?

For one, WE INTEND TO INSTITUTE CRYPTO CURRENCY PAYMENTS, in keeping with the times as well as due for the added convenience, privacy and greater options in general. After all, we get people from all over the world and sometimes there are processing related difficulties!

Another plan is to institute a section about learning cards, as well as quizzes.

Do you have an APP?

Well we are busily building a Progressive Web App – and you can see why that may be the case with the sheer range of functionality needed! So its in the pipelines and shall be released in some time. But all our sections are entirely mobile ready and responsive – so go ahead and take everything for a spin on your mobile device =)