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What happens in the MARKET section?

The MARKET section allows you to make money bypassing all regulations and rules, SELLING your old homework! Simple – you see someone asking for an old solution to their question, and you know you have the files for it, go for it. If you rate highly, most likely they will go with your solution and you make $. 80 to 85 percent of all sales compulsorily go to you! =)

What happens in the LIBRARY section?

The LIBRARY section allows you submit merely 7 documents and gain access to the entire library of user submitted essays, notes, research papers and whatever else! Isnt that awesome for when you want to carry out open ended research!? For that matter there is also a payment option but one that we discourage! =) … but its there! 7$. And you’re in!

What happens in the ASK section?

Experts from within the PGPS Network would help answer your questions, and each of these solutions would be custom written for you. Each of these solutions would be professionally done, with a mark of innate quality – therefore, NO OVERSIGHT needed on your part! No dealings with freelancers, no wonderment over the validity. And done in as little as 4 hours. No matter the subject/grade.

What happens in the LIVE section?

The LIVE section allows you to rendezvous with a bonafide PGPS expert 1 on 1 over a topic of your choice, at a time and place you decide. How this happens is – as you guessed it – over whiteboard and A/V tools. This allows for tackling personalized questions, and going about learning stuff – AT YOUR PACE.

What happens in the COURSES section?

The COURSES section allows students much like yourself to start to teach even before they matriculate. If you believe you did somewhat well on a course, you should be able to reap more for your hard work than merely a number somewhere in the records. Sell all your course materials for the course, and start making money, all the while helping your peers who are about to take the same course! We know this helps YOUR performance as well in future courses.

What happens in the FREELANCERS section?

This would arguably be for the most efficient student spender. Everyone is welcome to create an account on our website and BID for your projects (that you would be posting on this section). The lowest and the most acclaimed freelancer would likely win a project and this way the student and the expert – both win!