Kinds of classes and programs

One on One Sessions

  • Personalized attention, of course!
  • Highly affordable starting at $10/h
  • US Instructors - of course (this is PGPS)
  • Highly Qualified Experts (coz PGPS)
  • You steer and you pace the session
  • Highly effective in getting what you want done
  • Covers just about any topic!

We are constantly adding penetrative expertise at the undergraduate and at the high school level, however, sciences and mathematical topics at the graduate school and post doc level are MOST CERTAINLY NOT covered, nor are there any plans. YOU should know why :) ... you got the million $ grant after all.

One to Many Sessions

  • Instructor/team discretion setting these up
  • Or you could get together enough people in your group and request
  • Even more cost effective
  • Focused on a particular topic thats usually treated VERY well
  • A foundation for transitioning to one on one sessions
  • Checking on an expert's performance
  • Typically a more lenient cancellation regime

Regular Sessions

  • Regular sessions are the next step up.
  • Typically a string of "one to many" sessions on a related topic
  • Scheduled by a team or an expert
  • Look into these as the ultimate reservoirs of value
  • Lowest per session cost
  • A thorough treatment of the topic at hand
  • A fantastic opportunity to review the performance of the expert
  • Shall serve as a foundation for undertaking particularized sessions.

  and shall serve as a foundation for undertaking particularized sessions.

Let's socialize

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