Unfortunately, owing to legal and technical issues, you would only be able to use your wallet upon the marketplace, the essays library, the "ask" section for custom homework help, and the courses section – that’s still A LOT OF PLACES. We are working to integrate the freelancing platform, and the one on one live help section within your wallet as well. Up until then, they have their own paying systems. All use Paypal anyways.



We do know of a few subject experts who would entertain your peripheral curiosity. However, as policy we discourage it, although it is at the discretion of the subject expert, and a number of subject experts prefer to focus upon the topics that you specify during the time of booking. This also helps us assess their performace!



Owing to scheduling constraints, we find that there is not a single minute to be wasted. Everybody has a set number of hours in a day, to be apportioned between family, business and leisure. Also, the entire system, as well as the calendars are a lot cleaner when we have specific, an hour to be precise, slots for booking.



At the The Poor Grad Poor Student Network, we focus upon teambuilding, team expertise, team experiences and team learning. Therefore, rest assured, the individual that is assigned to you from the specific subject team is a pro. You may get the same individual, or you may get somebody else, but the quality would only be better.



You may not arrange that, unfortunately. We expressly prohibit our subject experts to share live camera feed. This reserves the focus upon the subject material, upon the whiteboard, and upon the A/V tools that you have decided to use in your session.


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