What happens here?
Two things. ONE – If you have old homework lying around, you can sell it to students for $. You make 80 percent of whatever you sell it for. 85 if you sell a lot of it. Once there are lots of people, this percentage would go down to 60. So it would be best to sign up ASAP ☺ TWO – you may ask your own homework/academic/whatever  questions, and they would be responded to, by peers and experts. You pay when you buy a solution someone posted.
Why don’t we give you all of the money your homework generates?
We need to keep this boat afloat, you know! Marketing, SPAM, servicing, payment processing and gumba all take more than the 15-20 percent we deduct from your payments. PLUS you don’t have to worry about costly Paypal transaction deductions since you use our incentivized wallet!
What qualifications do I need to sell my homework?
You need NOTHING – only that the file should be YOURS. If you created the solution, go ahead and sell it.
How do I get paid?
Via Paypal. And via Stripe. That should cover nearly everyone. You can always keep money in the wallet until youre ready to withdraw.
How long does getting paid take?
45 days. Our lawyers and the law dictate that it take as much time to ensure we steer clear of disputes.
Any payment threshold?
Yeah – 10 bucks. You need to withdraw a minimum of $10 to get our attention.
Affiliate stuff!?
Yeah – 5 percent of all money a referral spends FOREVER is YOURS. You can have as many referrals as you like. Anyone that clicks a link that you gave them (from the affiliate dashboard in your account) and registers/buys stuff is your referral forever.