What do I do? The file I just bought and downloaded is corrupt?

Our service center is open 24*7 – just email us and let us know immeidately. We will make sure that you have a legible version within time.


How do I download what I have just bought?

Just make sure you read instructions step after step – it will lead you to the downloads page. Each blog is governed by their respective tutors or account holders – some do not email you the files while others do. The ones that don’t will allow you to download after checkout – and the link will appear on your screen. Go step by step, while following instructions.


What happens here? is a FREE academic blogging service. Here’s what we offer:

1. We offer the best there is when it comes to making a FREE academic blog and sharing class updates goes.
2. Buy homework from your friends: if you see a question you need help with, buy the tutorial and IMMEDIATELY download the solutions. No waiting =)!
3. Ask our experts a question you cannot find a tutorial for. You would have to wait for the bit it takes to create a custom solution just for you.
4. Good at something? Sell your own tutorials here & make tons of money.
5. Make friends here or bring your own.
4. Join a group or if you like none, start your own.
5. News and status updates just like Twitter.
6. Take advantage of our free forums.


How much do I get paid?

At present, the pay out rate is 60 percent of all sales that you make. You must continue to be a part of our community to keep getting paid.


When do I get paid?

Payments are released after about 30 days from the day of your request. For a select few tutors, we may oblige with sooner withdrawals.


How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us here: support AT [poorgradpoorstudent] DOT com.


I am having trouble registering or logging in?

Again, please get in touch with us using the above-mentioned contact information and we’ll be happy to assist you with whatever problems you may be having.


What am I allowed to sell here?

You may only upload tutorials on academic subjects that are of your own creation. You may not upload tutorials that do not hold the copyright to. Doing so will invalidate your account, together with seizure of all funds therein, in order to compensate the original copyright holders of the work.


How can I ask my own questions on this website?

Please click on the ask tab and register to create an account thereafter. Filling out the question form will complete your order.


Can I submit tutorials that I download from this website?

Under no circumstances, should you submit any work that you download from this website. This work should be used as reference material only. Any information used must be properly cited. Consider any information that you gather from this website as no different than information that you would find from any other source on the Internet, such as Wikipedia, Google books et cetera.


Who creates these tutorials?

At poor grad poor student network, we take the quality of tutorials uploaded very seriously. The marketplace is culled for bad work periodically. As such, you will find the quality of these tutorials better than sources found elsewhere. If however, due to any reasons whatsoever, you have a complaint, an editor will be very happy to look into the issue.


How do I cite this material?

You may use the username of the blog as the author of the material. The date of creation should be mentioned in the file that you download. Additionally, the URL of the question page will be the link that you retrieved the information from. In all cases, even if you may not have all the information to site, you should be fine by omitting such information.


What if I find this information elsewhere on the Internet?

If you happen to find any files that you download from our network upon any other link, if such information is verified, and the consent of the author is absent, you may be eligible for a suitable award, including free downloads at our network. Please use the email above to inform us of such transgressions of our copyright.


What are the payment options on this network?

At this time, we support PayPal, Google checkout as well as Dwolla. In future, these options may be expanded.


What kind of questions am I allowed to post?

You may only post such questions, that you are allowed to share or that you hold the copyright to. Please understand that sharing of questions that you are not allowed to share is strictly prohibited at the network.


Can I sell e-book’s here?

At the moment, please consider uploading your e-book’s to your respective blogs. In the near future, we plan on adding a new section where e-book’s may be uploaded.


What kind of information can my blog not contain?

Kindly do not share any personal contact details on the network. Therefore, emails, phone numbers et cetera should be published on your blog. This is being recommended to ensure that the network is a safe place for all of our users.


Can I get any technical assistance with setting up my blog?

Indeed. If you may be having any technical difficulties with the setting up of your blog, please get in touch again. We will be happy to look into the issue for you. However, please be familiar with the blogging process as far as any of the most popular blogging platforms are concerned.