This is the most organic, students, researchers and peers contributed essay library. You are only required to contribute seven of your unique, personally created academic documents, and you will get access to the entire library – and thousands of submissions therein! Imagine that! We also want to continue growing, because we are not that big… In fact, as you will find, we are only about a fraction of the size that some of our largest competitors are. This is because we want to continue keeping our growth organic.

However, for some of our students who may not have contributions ready, or who may not be inclined that way, we do have a payment option as well – only seven dollars to access the library for a month. This ensures that there is access and inclusion, as well as that the costs related to maintaining and updating this database are addressed.

Only stuff that you created or wrote yourself! NOTHING else. Thanks for your express understanding in the matter.
As many as exist! We are always adding new disciplines!? We are very curious that way – and we are open to suggestions.
You may reference any material and then cite using any of the systems : APA/MLA/Chicago etc.