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Your consulting firm has been hired by a small company to prepare a research paper aligned with their plans for a global expansion. The business has been successful for the past ten years with steady growth. However, the company believes that creating additional layers of management would increase performance. The company’s idea is to create an upper-management team to focus more on the strategic initiatives of the business going global and a lower-level management team to focus more on the day-to-day operations. The company has realized that there may be a few challenges to this re-organizational structure and have asked you to research the situation and advise the executive team. Several of the immediate concerns include:
The morale of the employees–half the current employees are very satisfied with their current job and responsibility and the other half of employees are eager to move into higher management position or into management position.
The budget–budget does not allow everyone to be promoted.
Performance issues—some individuals are lacking on their performance and are not going to be a good fit as a manager based on their past performance.
Identification of high performers.
Alternatives for moving forward with the new organizational structure that will not cause unnecessary chaos in the workplace.
Evaluation of the importance of the leadership dynamics when it comes to prior knowledge and skills.
Present your findings as a 1-2 pages report in a Word document formatted in APA style.

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