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Your company’s vice president of human resources has approached your team for assistance in recruiting and developing your organization’s future leaders. The vice president has asked your team to brainstorm, research, and prepare a written profile.
Resources: University Library, Internet, Week Three readings
Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word profile.
Select one of the following organizations to use as your company in the profile:
• _A_p_p_l_e_® _ (Please Apple as a company profile)
• _S_o_u_t_h_w_e_s_t_ _A_i_r_l_i_n_e_s_ _C_o_._® _
Include the following in your profile:
• _Compare-and-contrast of common leadership traits in this industry
• _M_e_t_h_o_d_s_ _f_o_r_ _d_e_v_e_l_o_p_i_n_g_ _l_e_a_d_e_r_s_ _i_n_ _t_h_i_s_ _i_n_d_u_s_t_r_y_ _
• _Strategies for how industry leaders balance competing values and priorities
• _P_r_o_p_o_s_a_l_ _t_o_ _a_v_o_i_d_ _m_a_n_a_g_e_r_i_a_l_ _d_e_r_a_i_l_m_e_n_t_ _a_n_d_ _f_a_i_l_u_r_e_ _
Format your profile consistent with APA guidelines.

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