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You work for a firm located in the United States that produces packaged potato chips. Your firm is interested in exporting their product to a different country. You need to select a country other than the one you live in and describe the culture of that country along with the key elements of their marketing system. Would you need to be aware of the different tastes, needs, and customs of your intended customers? Would these differences be consistent or different amongst multiple countries? Why?
Discuss how you would market your packaged potato chips in that country. What flavors, size packages, and brand names would be popular in that country? Would you change the pricing of your product for the new country? Would you change your advertising style in the new country? Provide a rationale for your answers.
What is export marketing? How is it different from domestic marketing?
Present your answers in the form of a report.
Submit your report in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document.

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