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You should conduct research on the topic of discussion and use this research to support your answers. You can use Internet articles, journals, text books, etc. In fact, I strongly recommend that you utilize the APUS Online Library for your research as they offer a plethora of reliable and pertinent research sources. You may access the Online Library by clicking on the β€œLibrary” link on the menu bar to the left inside the electronic classroom. However, NEVER use Wikipedia for your research as anyone can alter the information on this site making it a poor source of accurate information. Be sure to list your references at the end of your post, include in-text citations where applicable, and be sure that both are in APA format.
This week as we cover skeletal and muscular systems I would like for each of you to do something different. Try a new workout and tell us about it.
Try a new class (yoga, salsa dancing, kickboxing, spinning, or pilates for example) or new activity.

  • Why did you choose this workout/event?
  • What specific muscles/areas of the body did this class focus on?
  • What are things you liked about it? What are things you did not like?
  • If you were to continue this class/event what are goals you hope this class would help you to achieve?
  • Would you recommend this workout to anyone?
  • Was the workout aerobic? Was it anaerobic? Was it a mixture?
  • Did you do mostly isometric or isotonic contractions?

Please explain your answers.
Get out of your comfort zone and share with us your experience and do some research on the activity to share with the rest of your classmates. Hopefully this will be fun, and allow us to learn a bit more about the muscular and skeletal systems with a new workout/twist.
Don’t forget to back up your arguments with properly cited references

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