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You have been asked to develop a rewards program for the MNC that you work for—specifically for the new subsidiaries that they are opening in Japan, France, and the United States.
-Why is it important to understand what motivates workers in these countries?
–Are the motivators different from those in the United States?
-How would you apply the motivation theories to develop your program?
-How would you design the right culturally appropriate program for each specific country?
-What sort of leadership would be most effective in these countries?
–Why do you need good leaders?
Part B. 800-1000 words
Choose a multinational corporation from Japan, France, and the United States, and discuss how each MNC integrates corporate social responsibility with its international management strategy.
Specifically, you are to address the following questions:
-Does the corporation address global development and poverty reduction?
-What kinds of partnerships are involved?
-Has this initiative helped the sustainability of the different local, regional, domestic, and international networks?–If so, how?

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