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You have been asked to develop a rewards program for the MNC that you work for—specifically for the new subsidiaries that they are opening in Japan, France, and the United States.
-Why is it important to understand what motivates workers in these countries?
–Are the motivators different from those in the United States?
-How would you apply the motivation theories to develop your program?
-How would you design the right culturally appropriate program for each specific country?
-What sort of leadership would be most effective in these countries?
Why do you need good leaders?
-Explain the challenges of managing a diverse, globally-based workforce.
-Evaluate how various legal, political, economical, ethical, and cultural systems affect business attitudes, norms, behaviors, practices, and philosophies.
-Compare organizational models for international, multinational, and global businesses.
-Assess key differences in business and operational practices of various countries.
-Analyze factors that influence an industry’s potential for globalization.
-Evaluate various international, multinational, and global strategic plans.
-Develop an international, multinational, and global management plan.
-Use effective communication techniques.
Phatak A., Bhagat R., Kashlak R. (2009). International Management, Managing in a Diverse and dynamic Global Environment, Second Edition

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