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You are required to complete a Reflective essay of your learning during Weeks 20, 21 and 22 in the Principles of Marketing module. Please look at the lecture and seminar programme for information on lecture topics and seminar activities covered during those weeks.
You will have a general layout for your essay, which includes an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.
In your introduction paragraph, you may want to give a brief background of yourself, particularly your perceptions and goals/aspirations when you started the module
In the main body paragraphs, you are requested to:

  1. a)ย ย  Demonstrate what you have learned from the module (knowledge and skills) during weeks 20, 21 and 22, providing evidence of claims made. Evidence may come from the lectures and any seminar activities. You are expected to discuss here, what you found confusing, inspiring, difficult, interesting and why
  2. b)ย ย  Explain how the knowledge and skills acquired during weeks 20, 21 and 22 may have an impact on your employability

For concluding your reflective essay, you need to discuss what further knowledge and skills may be beneficial in achieving your future professional goals.
The word limit for the reflective overview is 1000 words (+/-20%) maximum. The reflective overview should be 1.5 spaced and written using font 12, Arial. You are expected to use academic citations related not only to the theories you learned in class but also to employability and marketing skills. You are expected to use a wide range of academic references/citations using the Harvard system of referencing (please look on pages 24-25 for guidelines)

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