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You are a Replacement Inspector verifying a blueprint on a manufacturing process on a Boeing 747 Wing.  The request is for 200 wings and 30 have already been completed prior to your arrival. You decided to stop the process due to improper documentation an outdated blueprint.
Here are some key words to help you find an article for this assignment:
•           Decision making
•           Risk taking
•           Persuasion
•           Social heuristics
Write a 3-4 page paper in Word format that addresses the following:
•           Describe your decision-making scenario using quality management experience, personal decision making or cited journal article; include an example of the decision-making process, why it was a risk, how persuasion was used, and what the social heuristics were.
•           Explain the incentives that caused others to support the decision and identify why these incentives were selected.
•           Identify the risks and the potential decision biases in your scenario. Propose the corrective steps that should have been taken to overcome these biases. If a risk assessment was conducted how did this effect the decision-making process?
•           Analyze your scenario for what happened in terms of social heuristics. Explain how decisions were made and the social factors that shaped the decision-making environment.
•           Discuss the greatest challenges to sound decision-making in your scenario.
•           Critique the decision-making process used by the sponsor(s) and leader(s) of the decision. Identify the mistakes made by the sponsor(s), leader(s) and team members or others impacted by the decision during the implementation of the decision.
Support your statements with scholarly references and appropriate examples. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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