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Write-up: Wind Energy, the Greenest renewable Source of Energy
A true green energy should also be self-justified, not merely in environmental but also in
economic terms. Only then can it justifiably be adopted by the masses. Wind energy has seen
tremendous adoption by amateurs and enthusiasts – the same cannot be said about other
renewable sources such as hydro or tidal.
This is possible because wind energy has average initial investment needs though the
long run costs are cheaper. Marginal costs then start to decrease with time. They are capped by
many estimates at only 1cent per β€œunit” or kWh (Gipe, 2004). With technology adoption, these
costs are going down and efficiencies are improving too. For example, blades have increased in
length and their weight has sequentially gone down. Wind energy production has cost only 20
percent of what it did in 1980, a testament to the crowd sourcing and subsequent reduction in
related expenses. Recently, wind energy became cheaper than coal produced energy by a few
cents per kWh, a remarkable jump, causing banks to take notice.
The land area required for installation of wind farms is by far the lowest among all
renewable energy forms, being just the base of the turbine. Installations need little maintenance
when compared with other forms of installations, there are no natural resources to be relied upon
(such as water), habitat for wildlife and flora are not affected to any significance and the
performance is clean. These facts establish wind energy as the cleanest and greenest energy form
currently and one that has been successfully crowd sourced for development.

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