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Write a short argumentative essay that presents an argument for a stance you hold. Use any type of argumentation (induction, deduction, by illustration, narration, description, refutation, from comparison, or from contraries). You can choose whatever topic interests you and allows you to make a strong argument. You must focus upon a single topic.
First: Identify your topic. Your sentence should be free of jargon (explain any jargon that is absolutely necessary) and get to the heart of the matter straightaway. Don’t start with a general introduction to your topic and then take four or five sentences to describe it; your goal should be to crystallize the essence of the topic in one excellent sentence. Conciseness, clarity, and focus are crucial. A good point of reference is that the first sentence should be the conclusion that you are going to argue.
Second: Why is this topic important to you and how does the conclusion you have drawn impact your life? You can explain why you find it important or interesting and then reflect on how proving your conclusion relates to your life experience. For instance, ‘Because I need this project to be completed before I can begin something else, it is important that I can persuade others to agree with this deadline.’ You may spend several sentences on this if you wish, but one excellent sentence focusing on just one way this critical thinking might impact your life is preferable.
Third: Select a particular argumentation style (inductive, deductive, by illustration, etc.) and compose your argument. To maintain focus and clarity, remember that the statements you make are premises and must relate to each other, be relevant to the conclusion and sufficiently support your point.
Fourth: Restate the conclusion you introduced in the first sentence by showing the connection to the supporting sentences in the third step.
Must be written in essay format. An formal introductory paragraph with succinct thesis statement and a formal conclusion that reaffirms thesis MUST be included. Support your statements with scholarly references and appropriate examples. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. This includes citations in the body of the text and in a separate reference section at the end of the essay. Headings and subheadings should also be utilized to organize the essay.

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