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Write a review using the instructions below. This should be a minimum of 1000 words.  Write in APA format.  Include cover page, body with in text citations & reference list. Include at least 3 references.
Select an Article
The article you select for this assignment should be related to the area of Traffic Jams and why they occur and how we can alleviate them. In addition, the article you select should be an example of quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods research that meets the following criteria:
published in peer reviewed journal
current–published within the past 5-10 years
related to the topic you are exploring for your final project
In selecting your article for this assignment make sure it describes a quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods study and includes:
a discussion of the research problem or question
the methods of data collection and analysis
Review the Article
Your review of your selected article should be a concise, thoughtful discussion of the main features of the study described in the article and of important questions that the study might raise from researchers. The review should follow this format:
1 A brief overview of the study in which you succinctly describe the study and its relationship to important issues, trends, or questions in the area of research you are exploring. This is the only section in which you discuss the topic of the research.  The other sections are focused on the research design and methodology.
2 A description of the methodology of the study, including the research design; research question; the subjects, population, setting, or activity being studied and how they were selected; the methods of data collection and analysis; and the results. This section should also include a discussion of the assumptions or theoretical perspective(s) grounding the study design.
3 An evaluation of the study in which you discuss whether the design of the study adequately addresses the problem statement and research questions and in which you identify aspects of the study that are especially effective or problematic (support with the text). Your evaluation should be guided by the following questions (do not just simply answer the questions):
Does the author sufficiently establish the significance of the research question(s)?
Are the methods of data collection and analysis sufficient to answer the research question(s)?
Are the study’s conclusions realistic, given the methods of data collection and analysis?
Are there any significant methodological weaknesses in the study? If not, what are the major strengths?
Are there any ethical concerns with this study?

  1.  A discussion of implications of what you learned from this study regarding research methodology and research in general (not the topic of the study). The purpose of your review is not to judge whether the study was good or bad, but to examine it carefully in order to understand better the complexities of research.

FYI: Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource for academic writing. Please use the university library for reference. Articles must be peer-reviewed

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