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Write a 3-5 page paper addressing the following essay questions, making clear connections to the course material, and using proper citations. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the course material.
John Gotti received more publicity than any previous crime figure. Discuss the theories developed by Sutherland, Merton, and others and compare and contrast them regarding which would appropriately describe Gotti’s criminal development.
Jerome Skolnick and his colleagues have distinguished between two gang types. Discuss these types of gangs. What type are the Gangster Disciples? Explain why they are that type. Include examples to support your explanation.
You are strongly encouraged to utilize the course material. You may consult other appropriate material, including academic and professional journals, books, professional publications, research-based material from university websites, theses, and dissertations. Examples of inappropriate material are magazine articles, editorial columns, unsupported websites, or academic papers not subject to a peer-review system.

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