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Put yourself in the shoes of a newly-arrived female immigrant at the dawn of the twentieth century. For this assignment, you will write a letter home to your family members still in your homeland.
Indicate the following in your letter,:
Nationality (for example, Chinese, British, Polish, etc.), and note whether you have been able to meet other women in a similar situation.
A description of how you felt about immigrating to the United States.
Did you arrive to fulfill an arranged marriage contract, or are you in search of the American Dream?
Imagine that upon arrival in the United States, you have been provided a place in a settlement house in New York City; describe your experience. You are also working in a factory, and you have been approached to join a union. Review and use the following two links to craft your letter.
American Experience Triangle Fire:
Immigration: Tenements and Toil
The letter should be 200-300 words andΒ  creative! Try a background or font that would reflect your own personal style, and consider adding an image to enhance your assignment.
APA formatting requirements must be followed. This includes in text citations and references. Any direct quotes need to be in proper APA citation; provide citations as well for information that you have put

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