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1.Skinheads are anti-social associations of youths who are always racists.
2.The New Terrorism is clearly explained by the Classical Ideological Continuum.
3.Marxists traditionally believed that the demise of capitalism is historically inevitable..
4.Terrorists engage in international terrorism because it is likely to receive wide publicity.
5.The spillover effect refers to domestic politics that β€œspill over” into the international arena.
6.The Japanese Red Army caused a rebellion in Japan and is a classic example of a domestic insurgency.
7.Neocolonialism refers to the domination by Western economic interests of local economies in the developing world.
8.Terrorists and other extremist movements stay away from the drug trade as a matter of principle.
9.Drug cartels posed a significant challenge to the Mexican government.
10.The incidence of gender-selective terrorism is carefully documented and reported.

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