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1.Ethnic and social cleansing peacefully occur when governments ask the people to help enforce the laws.
2.One purpose of paramilitary death squads is to provide a degree of “deniability” for the state.
3.Pol Pot was an architect of the “killing fields” on behalf of the Viet Cong.
4.The Tupamaros are an example of extremists leading the people to a successful revolution after provoking the government to react violently.
5.Terrorists and other violent dissidents have a faith in victory that is often unrealistic.
6.The Tamil Tigers were among the first movements to routinely use suicide bombers.
7.Religious terrorism began in the modern era.
8.Only Muslims engage in religious terrorism.

  1. The greater jihad requires warfare on behalf of the faith.

10.Kach is an example of a Jewish extremist movement.

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