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With reference to a service organisation of your choice, critically evaluate how
the following
approaches to services marketing management – namely,
process improvement,
human aspects and
managing resource capacity
can potentially contribute to the success of a service organisation.  Your
evaluation of processes,
human aspects and resource capacity should be critiqued with specific reference
to purpose,
 application and limitations AND with regard to how the effective management
of these areas
might contribute to the success of the selected service organisation. 
Explanation given by teacher-
Use challenges instead of disadvantages .
   Use the what, why and how
Use this explanation and apply them accordingly to the organisation
1-Process efficiency/service process (look at slides attached (service processes
and improving process efficiency)
– Mention about service process DESIGN- (front and back office in the
organisation-(what is to be done in front and back office)
– Mention about 4 V’s  and adding value(look at process efficiency slides)
– Involvement of customers( Advantages and Challenges)
– Why should they focus on front office and the challenges.
– Process maping / Emotional maping (look at service process slides) , If the
company is doing it already write advantages otherwise put is a
2-Human Aspects- This is about the internal aspects of the organisation which
are employees.
– Mention about importance of people in the organisation (Who are the
people and Why are they important)
– Mention Heskett’s work, service and profit chain
– – Write about happy and loyal customers leading to profits and revenue
– Mention about motivation(Rewards-financial and non financial),
(Training) (Recruitnment)
– Emotional Labour (Use Hochschild reference)
– Aesthetic labour (Use Dennis Warhust reference)
3-  Managing Resource capacity- (Use slides about resource utilization)
– Resources- What?
          What is capacity
– Yield management
– Building flexibility
– Preventing capacity leakage
– Capacity – level
Why is it important?
       -soothing demand 
Mention demand forecast
– Coping zone

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