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Digital convergence is the combination of four different industries—Communications,
Consumer Electronics, Computers, and Entertainment. The combination of these industries
focuses upon the transition of traditional media to digital media. Digital convergence focuses
upon combining multiple forms of media into one universal type of media. As digital
convergence continues to grow, various aspects of daily life are melding together (Vince, and
Earnshaw, 1999). A prime example of digital convergence is the ability to call others over the
internet through a computer or tablet. Systems such as Skype make this possible, combining
communications, computers, and consumer electronics together into one cohesive program that
is all dependent upon each other.
A major component of convergence is radio-frequency identification, or RFID. RFID
tags are placed upon objects that are able to automatically identify and track the object. RFID
tags differ from bar codes in the fact that the tag does not need to be in direct sight of the reader.
This allows tags to be implanted into the object being tracked. With the vast number of uses of
RFID tags, they are used by many different industries including automobile, agricultural, retail,
and pharmaceutical.
With RFID tags being used in multiple industries, there are multiple applications. One
application is by retailers. By using RFID tags, they can implement a better inventory tracking
system. This is especially for large big-box retailers, such as Wal-Mart, which requires their top
suppliers to include RFID tags on all shipments (“Wal-Mart,” 2003). Another application is by
government agencies. Specifically, an application would be to place an RFID tag inside of
passports so that the passport could be traced when needed (Evers, 2006). Meanwhile, another
application would be implanting a tag into a pet so that they could be tracked and found, should

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