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Strategic Management Guidelines


Below are the requirements for completing your strategic management paper.

Who is the company, what do they do, how do they do it. This should be 3-5 well written paragraphs introducing the company.
Mission and Vision
No analysis here. Just find, insert and cite. Purpose is to give your reader an understanding of what the firm says it is about and what it aspires to do. By reading a brief history and the mission and vision, your company has been introduced.
A.     Vision/Mission Analysis-Does the vision & mission statements:
a.     Clearly defined your customers
b.    Identify the markets your business operates in
c.     Identify the importance of technology
d.    Seem concerned for survival, growth and profitability
e.     Describe your beliefs, aspirations and values
f.      Identify your competitive strengths
g.    Include a concern for public image, social community and environment
h.    Stakeholder value analysis
i.       Link ethical principles to vision and mission including management accountability
(All Written in Essay Format)
Strategic Elements of History
This is a more lengthy section, usually about a page and a half capturing the peaks and valleys of a firm and relating growth and retraction to strategic choices. Management makes choices, takes different market positions, introduces different product line, and acquires other companies. We are still painting the picture of the company. This is our starting point.
A.    External Environment



The attitudes, values, norms, beliefs, behaviors and associated demographic trends characteristic of a given geographic area.


Are there any technology changes that will affect your business?

Environmental Factors

The developments outside an organization that includes domestic/international impact.


Are there any local, national, regional or global technology changes that may impact you or your customers


What are the legal/political factors as well as government systems within which an organization functions?

(All Written in Essay Format)
External Factor Evaluation
While you prepare a splendid chart, the chart goes in the appendix. Your job in this section is to describe information determined from external factor evaluation.
Company Competitive Position
This section is where you reveal the current competitive position and opportunities and threats that need to be addressed. Your analysis of EFE and CPM will help you make your arguments. This section is normally about 2 pages each in length.
Internal Capabilities
From your analysis what is the company’s internal capabilities and what impact do these capabilities have on your future strategic decisions. Think in terms of what the company is good at and what its sustainable competitive advantages are. Normally it takes about a page and a half to do this right.
Porter’s Five Forces Module
B.    Company Environment-Porter’s Five Forces Model:

Threat of New Market Entrants Ease of the Entry Rating (What is the rating? High, Medium, or Low)
Economies of scale    
Proprietary product differences    
Brand Identity    
Switching costs    
Capital Requirements    
Access to Distribution    
Absolute cost advantage    
Government Policy    
Expected Retaliation    


Bargaining Power of Buyers Degree of the Buyer Rating
Differentiation of outputs    
Switching Costs    
Presence of Substitutes    
Company concentration relative to buyer concentration    
Importance of volume to buyers    
Cost relative to total buyer purchases    
Impact of outputs on the cost of differentiation    
Buyer information about supplier products    
Buyer profitability    
Decision makers incentives    
Threat of backward integration    


Bargaining Power of Suppliers Degree of Supplier Rating
Differentiation of inputs    
Presence of substitute products    
Supplier concentration relative to company concentration    
Importance of volume to suppliers    
Cost relative to total purchases in the company    
Impact of inputs on costs or differentiation    
Information about suppliers products    
Supplier profitability    
Decision makers incentives    
Threat of forward integration    


Threat of Substitute Products Extent of the Substitute Rating
Relative price performance of substitutes    
Switching costs    
Buyer propensity to substitute    


Company Rivalries Existing Competition Rating
company growth rates    
High fixed costs    
Intermittent over capacity    
Product differences    
Brand identity    
Switching costs    
Informational complexity    
Concentration & balance    
Diversity of competitors    
Corporate stakes    
Exit barriers    

(All Written in Essay Format)
Financial Analysis:

Current Ratio 2010 2011
Quick Ratio    
Cash Ratio    
Total Debt Ratio    
Debt Equity Ratio    
Times Interest Earned    
Return on Equity    
Return on Total Assets    
Net Profit/Sales    
Asset Turnover    
Price Earnings Ratio    

Provide a summary of financial analysis:
(All Written in Essay Format)
Matrixes Order
1. is an evaluation of mission and vision as detailed in Table 2-4.
2. is External Factor Evaluation (EFE)
3. is Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
4. is Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE)
5. is Financial Ratio Analysis
Attention: Make sure you have detailed narratives to fully explain your matrixes.

Phase 2

Current Strategy
What are they doing and why? Do they have alternatives? The book lists a number of generic strategies. Match up what they are doing and explain it. The explanation usually takes 2 pages.
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
This is a narrative where you explain each of the four and what they mean. In this section you also analyze market share and growth. Although you create several matrices to guide your writing, the matrices go in the appendix. (
Organizational Structure
Evaluate the current structure and decide if it is adequate or alternatives would work better.
Business Ethics/Values
What sort of organizational culture exists? What would you recommend? What core values will get you there?
Matrix Order
1. is SWOT Matrix
2. is BCG Matrix
3. is SPACE Matrix
4. is IE Matrix
Attention: Make sure you have detailed narratives to fully explain your matrixes.

Phase 3

This is where you say what you need to do. Recommend specific strategies and the results that can be expected. Prepare forecasted ratios and projected financial statements. Create a timetable for action. This is the most important section of your case. Up until most every task has been analysis to get to this point.
Financial Projection
Strategies are designed to improve profitability. The final section is a financial projection. It serves as a conclusion to your case.
Executive Summary
This is the last section you write. It will go at the front of the case, but needs to be the 1 page that explains everything in the case and why the company should do what you recommend.
Matrix Order
1.   is QSPM matrix
2.   Product Positioning Map
Reference Section (10-15 references)
Attention: Make sure you have detailed narratives to fully explain your matrixes. 


Executive Summary
Mission and Vision
Strategic Elements of History
External Factor Evaluation (include STEEP)
Company Competitive Position

Internal Capabilities
Financial Ratio Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces Model
Current Strategy
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
Organizational Structure
Business Ethics/Values
Financial Projection
Reference Section
Appendix Section (If needed)

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