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While there is no blueprint or checklist that one can follow to guarantee the success of a business, much can be learned from analyzing those that have failed and those that have flourished during the same time period and under similar circumstances.
Write a paper of no more than 2,100 words.
Part 1: Business Failure Analysis
Select a business that failed and one that succeeded within the last 5 years.
Identify each organization’s objectives, vision, and mission.
Determine the indicators of the business failure and success from research. These may include aspects of the leadership style, communication, structure, and so forth.
Describe how specific organizational behavior theories could have predicted or explained the company’s failure or success.
Describe the role of leadership, management, organizational structure, and the culture of the organization and its departments in the failure and success of the businesses.
>>>>Part 2: Leading Organizational Change
Imagine that you are the CEO of the failed organization before the business failure took place. You now have the opportunity to lead the organization in a change process to prevent the impending failure.
Identify the most vital areas for change.
Identify the potential barriers you will face during the change process.
Evaluate the power and political issues within the organization and describe how you will address these issues.
Describe the steps you will follow to implement the organizational change based on John Kotter’s 8-step plan for implementing change.
Include at least two peer-reviewed articles from the University of Phoenix Library.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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