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1. While a genuine whistleblower in a company may be doing the morally and legally correct thing, it is important NOT to encourage whistle blowing to preserve the values of loyalty and discipline. After all who likes a snitch?
Debate whether this statement is correct.
What strategies and actions would you devise for yourself if you found yourself in the position of whistleblower? In other words how would you deal with the dilemma reflected in the statement? What would you do as an employee or manager if you encountered illegal or unethical conditions in your organization? Why would you choose this path?
You may use the example of Sherron Watkins of Enron for additional reference material on the matter.
2. To what extent is a company’s culture the creation of the management, and to what extent is a company’s culture the creation of the employees?
Study the culture of any well-known companyβ€”for example GE, Dell, Wal-Mart, Disney, Microsoft, and so onβ€”to respond to this question:
Does the nature of the company’s business and market have any influence on its culture

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