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When referring to the different aspects of managing careers, another interesting topic that affects many in the workplace is the concept of plateaued workers. With this in mind, the plateauing or coasting worker is a normal and familiar phase in many careers. Usually this occurs in mid-career, employees and managers, who experience a leveling-out of their progress as a result of downsizing, restructuring, mergers, alliances, or plain boredom. These individuals were previously high-achievers who seem to lose their zest, sparkle, and enthusiasm. Not surprisingly, over a period of time, their morale and productivity decline. Although there are a number of reasons why employees become disenchanted and frustrated and it is disappointing to see, it is a normal occurrence in the workplace. That being said, the top three suggestions to help to revitalize the career of an employee who may be stuck in a rut are as follows:
Understand why people plateau.
Be aware of the social and economic impact.
Be proactive in dealing with the phenomenon.
By being supportive and by working to redesign some jobs, employers can improve the quality of work life for plateauing employees–and as their morale goes up, so will the productivity level in the workplace. Hopefully these are some of the actions that you have observed management taking care of in your organization to help some of the plateaued workers.
Class, what are some other ideas or suggestions that can be used to assist with this scenario?

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