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What additional information will you need from our fictitious couple from last week’s seminar (David and Angela), to help them begin to formulate a workable parenting plan for their children, Connie and Benjamin?
You may develop your own client intake form or use components of one of more forms developed by others (with proper citation and/or attribution). In either case, you need to design the checklist, including indication of source, as well as check-off when obtained, and areas to comment should the material be deficient, need additional supporting documentation, or the like.
TIPS: Your list should include material from all Unit discussions, readings, and research, as well as from this unit. Of course, if your list includes legal research, your work style will dictate how you reflect and follow that on your list.
In this week’s Seminar, we meet our fictitious couple, David and Angela, who met as high school seniors and dated for three years prior to their marriage. The couple is now in their seventh year of marriage. There are increasing problems over money. David, who was more outgoing in the earlier days of the relationship, has become more distant during the past year. Angela suspects that David is having an affair, and often raises this issue. David denies that he is having an affair. David and Angela have two children, Benjamin (age two) and Connie (age four). David is a Certified Public Accountant. He works many extra hours during the spring each year. Angela is also an accountant but is not a CPA. Angela hates accounting and would prefer to be writing screenplays. She has worked outside the home, in an accounting job, on a part-time basis since the birth of Connie. David believes that Angela does not work hard enough at her job. Angela believes that David is not ambitious enough to move ahead at work.

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