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Introduction: Dimensions of Health
Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, created the “Six
Dimensions of Wellness” model. The model is interdependent and can help individuals bring all
aspects of their lives into a healthy balance. Occupational, intellectual, physical, social,
emotional and spiritual facets of a person’s well being are inter-related and each plays a role in a
person’s health.
My 3 Strongest Health Dimensions
My 3 strongest health dimensions are my Social, Intellectual and Spiritual dimensions. I
feel these are my strongest partly because of my profession. As a Natural Health consultant I
must be able to interact with individual’s on a deeply personal level. I must use my intellect to
help them understand their health and what they need to do to improve it on all levels. I must be
able to listen with the compassion that accompanies spiritual understanding, while imparting
advice they may not like to hear (Hettler, 2012).
How Could I Improve the Other 3 Dimensions
The other three dimensions, Occupational, Emotional and Physical are areas I feel I need
to improve on. In respect to the Occupational dimension, I dwell on the cases of people I work
with to see if anything more could be done for them. For my own health, I need to learn to
disconnect myself from work. I am a strong person Spiritually but I lose sight of my beliefs in
times of stress and doubt. I need to learn to reflect more on the things I am thankful for instead
of worrying about things I don’t have. Physically, I am in fair shape, but don’t exercise regularly
due to time constraints. Improving my diet and adding regular exercise to my routine would
help me to remain more physically fit.
Personal Choices and Habits that Could Be Changed in Areas that Need Improvement
Learning to leave the problems of others at my desk, is a habit I need to employ more
often. I cannot change how others live their lives and I should not let their choice influence mine.
Spiritually I need to center and ground myself more often. I need to fully embrace my belief
structure instead of looking to it only when it’s convenient. Physically I must remember exercise
is a priority and I have to find a way to include it in my daily schedule. Along with improving
my food choices, both habits will help to improve my health and bring me back into balance.
Improving the personal choices I make in each of the six dimensions, including the ones I
am the strongest in, will allow me to incorporate lifestyle changes that will last years and
continue to provide benefits as I grow older. Trading bad habits for good ones is another small
step I can take in attempting to regain a healthy balance (Rand, 2011).
Discuss Concepts I Would Like to Learn About
When learning about the Six Dimensions of Wellness Model I would like to understand
how to better utilize my time and the tools the model offers. Being able to answers the questions
each dimension poses and to understand ways I can improve in each, would allow me to
continually find ways to increase my health potential. By helping myself and being able to
concentrate on my own issues, I would be in a much better position to help others begin on their
journey to health and wholeness. The phrase, “Physician, heal thyself” is truly applicable in this
The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model defines each dimension as a crucial part of a
person’s health patterns. Learning to focus on each dimension individually allows a person to see
where they need improvement and how best to make the changes they need to improve their
health and well-being.

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