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Watch the “You be the Judge: Sexual Harassment” video.
Write a paper of not more than 1,050 words analyzing the sexual harassment issues presented in the video.
Analyze each of the elements of this cause of action, the applicable defenses, and the bases for the Judge’s ruling.
Analyze the potential civil liability of both the employee and the employer.
Analyze the different liability in this case if the sexual harasser were an independent contractor versus an employee.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which the team members summarize the key points of the members’ individual assignments and defend the individual findings. In addition, include a review of the possible types of discrimination issues applicable in a work environment.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
lossof valuablke promotion ; sexual innuendo
vicious prank
sexual harassment
jonathan silverstein – plaintiff
meredith shaw – aggressor
4 years … last few months … getting better but bad friends
key argumem: joking for years;; scapegoat; not strong for a amanger; less constitution; less will; blaming for losing job; no harassment from side, friends, joke around -0 appropriate; others that volley back; he volleyed back for years …
sexy screensaver on PC …all the time
suing defendant: imp promotion: june decision, leading candidate; supervisor made decision I can attest with reliable info…then chose something else …
similar, but who she dated what she does …. discomforting sexual innuendo, many times …
ever said anything to her? owing to camaraderie … so NO never said … difficult line to follow … everything else has not had this toine…
whole ridiculous good frind talk touch say hi … spine missing so didn’t tell me …rubs my back, asks me about all kinds of things… like girlfriend … did he stay over>? 2 other guys … in team … lunch together… thought gay
other guys have … sexual positions … email. … got rid of the email … who sent: coworker, a male, he thought they will stop …
employer : never signed anything; supervisor saw or not? he didn’t say … he changed his mind after screensaver event … who saw it? no … I got rid of it …
feelings about mischas actions …
supervisor waling past only; how different: damage … condone; engage in NO …
4 years working … she did the norm sort of … couple of years the norm;;; sexual thing … low level cubes, have fun, proves most of all guys … she does a lot more than others … whoever did this …
may have won  … more confidence … I would have been more fwd to coworkers more directly … in future: do speak before out of hand …
I have won; very honest; things differently; good judge of character; thought nice rapport; feel betrayed; protect in future, stare at my screen and talk after work …;
programmer analyst supervisor

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