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On page 363, a Visual Impact Assessment is introduced, in two to three pages; please provide a visual impact assessment
Complete Step 3: Identify the scope and level of detail of the visual performance assessment
Complete Step 4: Present the existing scene and simulation of the situation proposed
Do an assessment based on the landscape changes that were/are needed for the New England/ National Gateway Project expansion CSX is doing for the double –stacking of containers (only steps 3 and 4 above). For example, CSX is making bridges higher so that higher shipments are able to commute under them. This has an affect on the public but I think in a positive way. CSX is not creating noisier or environmentally negative impacts for this project. In fact by doubling shipments, it’s more environmentally friendly and more efficient by less commuting.  CSX has many visual areas in which it travels (tunnels, under bridges, over water, etc.). We can talk about the visual impacts this has on the public, businesses etc.

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