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Using the Internet, and/or other sources of literature as needed, complete the following problems:
1.         Chapter  9 – Problems and Problem Cases: Problems 9 and 10
2.         Chapter 10 – Problems and Problem Cases: Problem 6
3.         Chapter 11 – Problems and Problem Cases: Problem 7
4.         Chapter 12 – Problems and Problem Cases: Problem 10
Responses should not typically exceed 200 words for each problem and should contain citations from relevant sources if applicable.
Complete the problems for each chapter first by stating the question(s) you are addressing, then by stating your responses. All problems and answers should be turned in on the same page/document.
Chapter 9: #9. Stephen Gall and his family became ill after drinking contaminated water supplied to their home by the McKeesport Municipal Water Authority. They filed suit against the utility, arguing, among other things, that the utility had breached the UCC implied warranty of merchantability when it sold them contaminated water. The utility moved to dismiss their complaint, arguing that since water was not “goods,” the UCC did not apply. Should the Galls’ complaint be dismissed?

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