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Use the Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., Part 2 (attached). Our team acts as a consultant group that analyzes and interprets this second set of data. Remember the first set of data also (attached from Part 1).  The intent is to increase senior management’s understanding of the sources of employee dissatisfaction and to create a model that predicts employee resignation. (Research Question: Hypotheses null, and hypotheses alternative).
Use the attached paper from week 2, 3, and 4 along with the findings in the data set Exhibit B to write the  first part (only) of the paper outlining the recommendations to BIMS which is from the week 3 and week 4 paper detailing the situation, problem, purpose, research question, and hypotheses. (attached).  Needed are 300 words.
Also, prepare a PP presentation of 2 slides to present the recommendations to BIMS.  You are just presenting the situation, problem, purpose, research question, and hypotheses based on the Part 2 BIMS data from the Exhibit B survey.  The rest of the team will do the other parts.

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