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Unit 3: Unit 3: Estate Planning – Short Paper: Help the Ewings Help the Ewings Last week, you met the Ewings. This afternoon, your supervising attorney asked you to meet with Ellie Ewing, who dropped by the office without an appointment. Joch was with Ellie when she arrived but excused himself to meet an old business associate for lunch. Ellie didn’t have any particular questions, but mostly wanted to chat about the children and grandchildren. During your conversation, Ellie told you that she worries about their daughter, Emma. She feels that because Emma is severely handicapped, Joch acts as though Emma doesn’t exist. She says that Joch has been talking a lot about dividing everything up between the boys, but if she asks about Emma, Joch just says that the boys will do what’s right for her. Ellie tells you that Emma was in a serious accident many years ago, shortly after the birth of her second child. She has lived in a nursing home owned and managed by the church to which the Ewings have belonged for almost 15 years. Emma’s husband, Cliff, is employed by the family business; he is, in fact, the family accountant. Ellie showed you a letter she received from the director of the home a month ago. The letter says that the home is in need of major repairs, and unless the Ewing’s make a sizable donation, it may be impossible for the home to continue caring for Emma. Ellie hasn’t shown the letter to Joch because he says she has too big a heart and gives too much to the church as it is. She tells you that she immediately sent the church a check for $5,000 but told Joch that the check was for repairs to her car. She says that she has been sending the church at least $100 every month, which she takes from her household expense fund. Cliff always covers for her if anyone asks about any checks that Ellie sends to the church. Ellie is visibly upset about the possibility that the church home may not be willing to continue caring for Emma and tells you that recently they have been sending lots of letters asking for more money because of increased expenses. Ellie is also concerned about ensuring that all of the grandchildren are able to go to college and wonders if there is any way she and Joch can put money aside in a way that it can be used only to fund the grandchildren’s college education. She mentions that she worries that Bobby and John are “just like their father” and consider college to be a useless waste of money because they are successful but never attended college. You have the Ewing’s file, and see that although both Ellie and Joch have wills, both of which were executed almost 15 years ago. ****Short Paper Assignment********* Draft a brief memo to your supervising attorney that outlines the facts that you learned in your meeting with Ellie and any proposed solution that you think should be considered. Begin by identifying the major issues that you believe need to be brought to the attention of the attorney. Then conduct additional research on those issues. Your memo should demonstrate that you have reviewed the facts, identified and conducted research on the major issues, and analyzed their situation in order to propose a solution for the client. Submit your memo to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 3.

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