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The book used is Marcus Borg’sย  JESUS “Uncovering the Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary – Chapter 1-4
Additional resources that may be use is uploaded.
Major Essay Assignment: Each student must complete a major essay on Jesus in Galilee in the 20s (due on or before (April 25 8th at 10 PM). Your essay should be approximately eight pages in length. It should reflect a solid understanding of the readings for the first weeks of class, but it should be written in your own voice: how have you come to understand the experience that Jesus provoked in his historical time and place. How you understand the dynamic of Jesus proclaiming the Reign of God in word and deed? And what might that mean for Jesus faith today? What are the implications of what you have learned for your own faith, for ministry today? (20 points)

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