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The continuous change and innate complexity associated with the health care field necessitate that managers pay close attention to future trends. They must consider how this change and complexity will influence the organizations in which they work and engage in ongoing professional development to meet the challenges they are likely to encounter.
In this Discussion, you will synthesize the insights about organizational effectiveness and leadership that you have gained throughout this course into strategies for your continued growth as a health care manager.
To prepare for this Discussion, consider the following:
• What are the most important characteristics of organizations that are prepared to meet current and future challenges? Consider what you have been introduced to in each week of this course.
• In what kind of organization would you excel? What are your key strengths that would benefit an organization, given the future trends that you have considered in this course?
• What are the most critical skills and dispositions of effective leaders in the ever changing health care environment? What are your strengths in this regard?
• Which area of health care management would you most like to focus on for improvement?
• What steps will you commit to taking outside of this program of study for continuing your professional growth and development?
• Why is taking care of yourself important, from both a personal perspective and an organizational perspective? What actions are you currently taking—and what actions will you take in the future—to maintain your vitality and velocity?
By Day 3, post a response to the following:
• Briefly describe three or more insights you have gained from your work on this course that will inform your growth as a health care professional. Share one area of professional development that you would most like to focus on and indicate one or more strategies that you plan to implement for doing so. Also, describe steps that you currently take and/or that you plan to take to maintain your vitality and velocity.
additional resource: https://www.healthcareleadershipblog.com/

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