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  1. To the nearest mL, how much 0.3% ampicillin in solution do you have to add to 40 mL of 0.8% ampicillin in solution to create 0.4% ampicillin in solution?
    1. You have 2% solution strength NaCl*. The doctor has ordered 0.5% NaCl solution via IV. How many mL of 2% solution should you mix with pure water to create 100 mL of 0.5% solution strength?
      * Sodium Chloride. Table salt. Sometimes given as part of an IV drip to boost sodium levels.
      1. ย You have been asked to mix up some 70% isopropyl alcohol solution.
        You have 95% isopropyl alcohol solution on hand. How many mL of it do you have to add to 300 mL of pure water to create a 70% solution?
        1. A chemist needs to produce a 50% acid mixture. She has 25% strength solution and 80% strength solution on hand. Rounding to the nearest thousandth (3 decimal places; nearest mL), how many liters of 25% solution does she add to create 1 liter % strength mixture?
          1. If you have to pay a final price of $99.00 in an area with 10% sales tax, how much was
            the total before taxes?
            1. Dextrose 5% in water (D5W) is useful to provide liquids and energy to a body via IV. Anything over 5% concentration is hypertonic (can draw water out of cells) and can only be infused slowly.
              The doctor has ordered Dextrose 10% in water (D10W) to be administered.
              You have a partial-fill container with 400 mL of Dextrose 40% in water (D40W), and must dilute it to 10%.ย  You have no pure sterile water on hand, so will use D5W instead.
              How many mL of D5W should you add to the container to dilute the D40W to D10W?
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