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This week, you will submit a first draft of your case brief/ analysis. Your brief should be of a real case related to asylum, as directed in the Final Project assignment. Remember to save it as a Word document.
Note to students: This assignment is asking you to brief a real case from your research concerning a minor who is seeking asylum. It is not asking you to brief the final project facts about Jane. For this assignment, you are to brief a case using the IRAC or some other similar method. You are not writing a brief for a court. You are just briefing a single case.
Ensure that your paper is:                You are to  brief the Gonzales vs Reno Case Brief!!!!!
(1) 2 – 4 pages in length;
(2) Double-spaced and in a 12-point font;
(3) Well-written and grammatically correct;
(4) Organized in a logical fashion that makes it easy to follow and understand;
5) Cited properly.

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