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This week use your journaling as you read each of the articles to do the following:
1. Identify and describe the organization you will be applying to your reading concepts this week.
Remember, this organization can be (1) your work, (2) an organization you participate in, as part of your personal life, or (3) an organization for which you are interested in getting a better understanding. (1/4 page)
2. Identify at least four stakeholders and as you identify them and describe why each is an important stakeholder. (1/4 page)
3. Describe the social responsibility and/or sustainability (environmental, social or economic also known as the triple bottom line) issues that apply and the stakeholders to whom these issues
apply (1 page)

  1. Reflect on this situation and identify two potential right versus right and right versus wrong scenarios that might emerge if you were leading this organization. (1 page)

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