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This week a rough draft of your final paper is due. The paper consists of a full analysis of your chosen topic. The paper should incorporate the outline areas that we worked on in class. APA format is required. This paper will be graded on contents, grammar, and format. The word count for the paper should be a minimum of 1500 and 5 references to support your work. The rough draft should look as close to the final copy as possible. Please follow the attached outline for the project and the attached research proposal as a starting point and reference to complete the project.
Research Project Structure Outline (Guide)
Title Page

  • Introduction
  • Background of the study/topic
  • Problem/purpose statement
  • Research question/hypotheses
  • Significance of the study (who benefits from it)
  • Theory/models/framework


  • Literature Review
  • Introduction (introduce the reader to what the chapter will include)
  • Sub-topic 1
  • Sub-topic 2, etc…


  • Methodology
  • Type of research design (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods and why)
  • Challenges in using this design and how they will be addressed
  • Reference and inclusion of a visual diagram
  • Data collection (What data was collected? How?)
  • Data analysis (How would you analyze the data?)
  • Validity approaches in this design


  • Other Areas
  • Researcher’s resources and skills
  • Potential ethical issues
  • Timeline for completing study


  • References & Appendix
  • Instruments
  • Protocols
  • Visuals


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