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The Final Project will be a PowerPoint® Presentation developed by each student as an individual final assessment of their understanding of sales force management.
The presentation should be developed given the following assumptions:
• You have recently been hired by a high-tech firm as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
• Historically, sales and marketing have been at odds as a result of differences in objectives and strategy while having both a Vice President of Sales and a Vice President of Marketing.
• The President of the company recognizes that the sales and the sales management function is an extension of the marketing arm.
• The President of the company recognizes that successful implementation of the corporate objectives can only be accomplished through consistent efforts between sales and marketing.
• As the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing it is your responsibility to bring these two groups together.
• You need to create an appropriate strategy to manage the sales force while at the same time integrating the nature of marketing with the implementation of the sales process.
You have been asked by the President of the company to put together a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:
• Identify the linkages between marketing and sales
• Predict specific issues that could create problems between marketing and sales
• Design the functions of the sales team/sales department including the role of the sales manager
• Plan for any ethical or legal issues that should be considered paramount in your new position as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
This PowerPoint presentation is designed to allow you, the new vice president of the Department of sales and marketing, to propose a plan that demonstrates the importance of marketing and sales working together as a team, provides an understanding as to the functions of sales in its relationship to achieving the organizational as well as marketingobjectives, clearly communicates the importance of sales force management in terms of assuring consistent and measurable outcomes of the sales force, and considers the nature and difficulty of operating in today’s market space given the ethical, moral, and legal implications of today’s high-tech business.
Choose any company, any product, or any specific situation that best serves your purpose in terms of more closely identifying who you are and what you would do with this pseudo-organization. One might assume for example, that they are the vice president of the Department of Sales and Marketing for a company that manufactures computer flat screens, a company that manufactures flash drives, a company that manufactures some form of high-tech industrial product, a company that distributes high-tech application and industrial components, or any other form of high technology.
Of key importance in this project is to review the material throughout this course and apply sales force functions and management, including the nature of directing sales force operations and sales planning, ethical and moral guidelines, and obligations of the sales force and their management.
This project is open ended in terms of your final outcome. It is designed to demonstrate your understanding of the integration of selling and sales force management into the overall organizational scheme. It is designed to allow you to utilize PowerPoint as a successful presentation tool in order to address the organization from a sales management perspective and to bring together concepts you see beneficial to your pseudo-scenario and perspective as the new vice president of the Department of Sales and Marketing.
• The PowerPoint® presentation should not exceed 20 slides nor be less than 15 slides.
• The PowerPoint® presentation should be visually/graphically pleasing.
• The PowerPoint® presentation slides should be relatively detailed but should not include paragraphs or narrative information (paragraphs and narrative information should be placed in the speaker notes section of PowerPoint®).
• The PowerPoint® presentation should include bullet points or short sentences that provide detailed for the topic covered.
Additional Notes
• The PowerPoint® presentation should include speaker notes to further enhance the audience/reader’s understanding of your presentation.
• The PowerPoint® presentation should be considered a presentation to top management of any organization and as such should be professional and nature in terms of slide design, fonts, graphics, and any other information that would be considered relevant must be presented in a professional manner.

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