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This paper should be three pages in length, excluding title and reference pages and must include a minimum of two scholarly sources formatted according to APA guidelines.  In this paper evaluate the roles and responsibilities of local, state, and federal public health organization in emergency preparedness and response during a bioterrorism event.  The following question must be answered.
a). what are the basic functions of the federal, state, and local level during the bioterrorism event?
b). what public health resources are available to address this bioterrorism threat at the federal , state, and /or local level.
c). what role does communication play during an emergency response?  Identify at least two strategies that can be used to improve effective communication.  How do these strategies improve communication?
d). in your opinion, is your city/state(Georgia) prepared to address this bioterrorism threat?  Why or why not/ provide a concrete example that support your opinion.  Also must have a conclusion.
The bioterrorism threat I have chosen is Water Safety.  Can this paper be done Sunday June 16, 2013, submitted no later than 7:00 p.m.?

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