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This paper should be 450-600 words and should be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1″ margins all the way around. Remember this is a scholarly paper, so reference your text as necessary in your answer and pay careful attention to your spelling and grammar and proofread thoroughly before submitting (other sources/theories may be used as supplemental support as necessary).
Discussion Prompt
Develop/write about a performance ethnography of a particular culture to which you have access, such as a work environment, a fraternity or sorority, a religious organization, a sports team, a family, a class at your college or university, or a service organization, etc. to which you DO NOT currently belong. Consider the process of becoming a participant-observer of this group. Write how you would use the speech codes theory to become a part of this group. Report your theories and conclusions showing how you would make your ethnographies actable? Note also how you feel (e.g., excited, uncomfortable, skeptical, etc.) about such an approach to research and why. How might you perform or act if this was not merely conduct research?
use: “A first look at communication theory” as a reference

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