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This is an individual assignment. The analysis should be no more than 10 pages, not including title page, table of contents, reference list and any appendices.
This assignment requires you to analyze the performance of your team in the simulation and the team’s performance as a group.
For Glo-Bus, company managers jointly prepare a “Five Year Business Plan” (Strategic Plan) and monitor and evaluate their own and competitors’ performance, revise objectives and strategies as necessary, and continually evaluate their overall performance. Glo-Bus will run for the full semester and will cover five years (Years 6-10). One last report — Lessons Learned (i.e. the Strategic Assessment) — will be prepared individually after Year 10 of company operations. It is strongly recommended that each team of managers maintains a record of their strategic decisions, changes in strategy, etc., throughout the Glo-Bus game so that they will be better able to assess individually their performance at the conclusion of the game.
Listed below are areas which must be addressed in your analysis. Your response for each area should be labeled as a specific section of your submission.
1) Identify and discuss which of the five basic competitive strategies that your digital camera company and your competitors’ companies employed in the simulation. Be specific when discussing this question (e.g., What three actions did your team take to gain a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition? What actions did the competition employ that resulted in a sustainable competitive advantage?) (15 points)
2) Identify and discuss at least three offensive and/or defensive strategic options that your digital camera company took to improve the company’s market standing and financial performance. (15 points)
3) Identify and discuss the strategic approach your company took to compete successfully in four geographic regions that comprise the global digital camera market (15 points) :
o                      Think local, act local
o                      Think global, act global
o                      Think global, act local
4) Describe your company’s decisions to shift resources from one area to another to better support strategy execution efforts. Be specific and cite at least 2 instances. (15 points)
5) Discuss efforts to pursue continuous improvement in how your company performed certain value chain activities. (15 points)
6) Describe your company’s spending on corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship efforts. Be specific re: the percentage of the company’s revenues used to support such efforts. Explain the rationale that you would give to shareholders for these decisions. (13 points)
7) Finally, turn the focus on the internal operations of the company and describe the style of decision making (decentralized, consensus, ?) and team functioning. What do you feel were the advantages and disadvantages of the decision making approach your company employed? (12 points)

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