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This first assignment is designed to have you consider a consumer behavior strategy for a specific new product or service. You may do this for your current organization, a company with which you are familiar, or for a product or service that interests you. You may have considerable knowledge of the offering or you may be looking in as an outsider. Either way, choose a product or service about which you can find information, either inside the organization, or through observation or research on the web or in the library. Part of the fun of this is to take an educated guess about the strategy behind how a consumer makes their buying decisions.

  • This submission should be 4 – 6 pages. This does not include the Title page and the References page.


  • Apply at least three references within the paper, cited accurately and include a references page.

Include sub-headers to offer distinction to each section and apply the following outline:

  • Brief description of the organization‘s product or service
  • Describe the company’s consumer strategy behind the product
  • Identify the consumer’s level of involvement and type of consumer decision making


  • Describe the market for which this product is intended


  • Address what customer needs are fulfilled by the company, product, or service.


  • Identify the competitive offerings and describe how this product or service is different.


  • Analyze how this company utilizes the marketing mix in order to successfully address problem recognition


  • Suggest recommendations on how this organization could better use the marketing mix in developing marketing strategy both in the problem recognition stage and in the buying process

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