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There are a number of resources available to professionals and consumers in the health care industry. The following matrix is designed to help you organize these resources. Please read the instructions very carefully. Please ask the instructor if you have any questions about how to complete this matrix. All elements must be covered in detail.
Β· Research the following and complete the matrix with the information requested in the matrix.
o Two or more credible, industry-related resources
o Two credible, professional health care resources
o Two health-related employers you are interested in working with
Some resources might apply to multiple categories, but for this assignment, select one category for each resource.
Β· List at least two professions and two roles associated with the employers you listed. Provide a brief description of each role and profession.
Β· Identify at least two of the resources you listed that are intended for both consumers and professionals.
Sites you may find useful include licensing organizations, federal or local health organizations, or association sitesβ€”such as the American Medical Association. Other research can be done by searching journals, textbooks, or your health care provider.

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