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Assignment #3: 6/22/13

1. (TCO 10) The ultimate goal of lean operations is to have (Points : 5)

 no in-process inventories.

 cross-trained workers capable of handling every process.

 a smooth, rapid flow of materials through the system.

 no setup times.

 All of the above

2. (TCO 10) Which of the following is not a benefit of small lot sizes in lean systems? (Points : 5)

 In-process inventory is considerably less.

 Each product is produced less frequently.

 Carrying costs are reduced.

 There is less clutter in the workplace.

 Inspection and rework costs are less.

3. (TCO 10) A basic requirement for operating with the low inventories present in lean systems is (Points : 5)

 inventory space must be increased.

 inventory investment must be increased.

 major problems must be identified.

 major problems must have been solved.

 inventories must be reduced rapidly.

4. (TCO 15) Which of the following is the last step in the capacity/scheduling chain? (Points : 5)

 Product planning

 Process planning

 Capacity planning

 Aggregate planning


5. (TCO 15) The purpose of cyclical scheduling is to (Points : 5)

 eliminate weekends and holidays.

 rotate schedules.

 add flexible hours.

 incorporate overtime.

 observe work patterns.

6. (TCO 16) Input/output control is useful for (Points : 5)

 keeping waiting times under control.

 improving work quality.

 setting priority rules.

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