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The two major projects for this course are designed to focus on successful logistics, transportation, and supply chain operations. For the project, you are required to assume the role of a consultant or a supply chain analyst of a company.
Task 1: Select a company for analysis, provide an overview of the company and explain your rationale for selecting the company. You can select a fictitious company or You may also pick a company from the list of potential companies provided by the instructor. (See Attached)Do (not use JC Penney, or Kroger), It is recommended that you select a company of your interest to help make the project more meaningful.
Most company websites have information about their supply chains. The information can also be found in the companies’ 10-K reports. You can gather additional information by conducting an Internet search. Another option, as mentioned earlier, is to build a fictitious company—this would allow for standardization of responses. Ensure that the supply chain of the fictitious company includes, as a minimum, the sources of supplies, materials (raw materials or components) company sources, the supply chain organization, distribution centers and warehouses, and a listing of customers (internal and external).
Task 2: Assume you are a consultant at the selected company. Provide an overview of the company and its products. Analyze the company‘s supply chain network and provide your recommendations for improving the company’s overall supply chain operations.
Task 3: Describe the supply chain of the company, including the customers, sources of supply, and links in the supply chain.
Task 4: Describe supply chain management as an integrative framework, including all major logistics functions.
Task 5: Explain how the integrative framework has allowed the company to gain an advantage in the marketplace in terms of integration, responsiveness, financial sophistication, and value proposition.
Task 6: Discuss the company’s planning and forecasting process. What recommendations would make for change? If you selected a fictional company or cannot obtain the information, describe the planning and forecasting processes that would be most beneficial for the company.
Task 7: Describe the company’s inventory. What risks are associated with inventory decisions in the company?
Task 8: What are your recommendations to manage overages, shortages, customer complaints, storage and other issues associated with maintaining the company’s inventory?
Task 9: Describe the company’s major suppliers or major categories of suppliers. Should the company have more suppliers or fewer suppliers for better control of the supply chain?
Write a 7-page report in a Microsoft Word document.
Cite any sources in the APA format on a separate page.

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