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The statute you will be using to write your legal memorandum is provided in Doc Sharing. Read the Unit 2 Statute PDF in Doc Sharing and analyze the statute by answering the questions listed in the PDF. Remember to look up any unfamiliar terms in a legal dictionary!
1. Who enacted this statute?
2. Is this statutory mandatory or discretionary? What causal term in the
statute helped you answer this question?
3. According to this statute, what are the three ways that a person can be
denied unemployment benefits in New Mexico? Must a person do all three
things to be disqualified from receiving benefits, or is it enough that they only do
one of the listed things? What term in the statute helped you answer this
4. Are there any exceptions to this statute? If so, which of the three ways of
being denied unemployment compensation do the exceptions apply to?
5. Provide the Bluebook citation for this statute.

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